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Piang Luange Refugee Camp

Display a set of photos and captions. Describe what the photo gallery contains and how the photos are related.

The bus to the border

A mud map of where the people used to live

The classroom

Computer lessons

Some library books too

The fishpond...

Making dough

The kids help out

Shan hospitality

...slash swimming hole

4 computers donated from Canada

English class

Early morning. Time to go to temple


Sweeping the temple


Posing with the girls

Old fella smoking

Burmese military camp. Lined with land mines

Thai bunker over looking the border

Way to the old border crossing (closed)

Traditional clothing

Sunrise. Their old homes are that way

Guitar lessons



...the guitar

...but itís not only for boys

...or big kids

Lunch time

...is easy

Camera shy


Having fun...

..the boys...

Carrying firewood to town

The Refugee Camp

Map reading

Posing with the kids

...the girls sing and enjoy it...



The boys play guitar...