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Driving Ritual in Switzerland

Driving Ritual— 7th September 2008

Snakes on ruins in Cordoba, Andalucia

Snakes on Ruins— 18th October 2008

Rain Climbing in Jaen

Rain Climbing— 10th October 2008

My Old Shoes took me half way around the world

My Old Shoes— 17th October 2008

Moroccan Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener— 17th October 2008

The tourist bus arrives at kilarny

Irish Tourism— 4th September 2008

Horses on the road in Andorra

Andorran Horses— 8th September 2008

Talking shizzle in Ireland

Talking Irish— 4th September 2008

Driving the Omani Mountains

Driving in Oman— 29th October 2008