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Protestors running through the streets of Istanbul from Police throwing tear gas on May Day

Protest in Istanbul— 1st May 2008

Flowers and Cursing in Albania

Flowers and Cursing— 10th May 2008

Snow in the Bulgarian Mountains

Bulgarian Mountains— 7th May 2008

The Maoists protesting in Katmandu prior to the elections

Nepalese Protest— 9th February 2008

Damion swings on a rope and lets go a bit late

Damion and the Tree— 28th December 2007

A big gorge in Greece

Greek Gorge— 9th May 2008

Spring Jumping in Albania

Spring Diving— 10th May 2008

Simon tries to do an Australian "Coo-ee" in Nepal. Very funny

Simon’s Cooee— 7th February 2008

Learning to Self Arrest on a Glacier in Nepal

Glacier Self Arrest— 16th February 2008

Attacked by a monkey at Ajunta caves

When Monkeys Attack— 1st February 2008

The school carnival at Dad's school in India

Mumbai School Carnival— 29th February 2008

Busking on Khao San road

Busking on Khao San Road— 31st March 2008

More of the protest in Istanbul

Protest in Istanbul More— 1st May 2008

Isabelle’s First Birthday on Raelay Beach

Isabelle’s 1st Birthday— 10th March 2008

Hunting Damion in Cambodia

Hunter Stalks the Prey — 8th December 2007

Snuck onto the set of a bollywood movie, before being kicked out

Bollywood Star— 13th January 2008

Silhouetting in a tunnel being stupid

Silhouetting in a tunnel— 22nd May 2008

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