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Eating snails in France

Yum Snails— 4th July 2008

A support dancer having a good time at a concert prior to tomatina

Crazy Dancer— 26th August 2008

A German band at the ducati festival

German Song— 7th July 2008

Jumped off the pont du Gard in France

Jump off Pont du Gard— 29th June 2008

Lani on her first slide

Lani's slide— 3rd June 2008

Belgian WW1 Front Line

Belgian Front Line— 8th July 2008

Waiting for the Ferry to England and throwing the rugby ball around

Footy on the ferry— 9th July 2008

Skiing in the Slovakian mountains without skis

Skiing in the summer— 9th June 2008

Someone doing a painful jump at pont du Gard

Pont DUD Gard— 29th June 2008

Riding my backpack down the mountain in Slovakia

Snow Bagging— 9th June 2008

Ice climbing in Switzerland

Ice Climbing— 2nd July 2008

French wineries by Bicycle

French Wineries— 4th July 2008

Dude dong stunts at the ducati festival

Ducati Stunts— 7th July 2008

Yodel on the glacier in Switzerland

Yodel Switzerland— 2nd July 2008

Simon’s attempt at an Eskimo roll in Croatia

Simon’s Eskimo Roll— 30th May 2008

The Musical Train in Budapest

Musical Train— 4th June 2008

The windy cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher— 4th September 2008

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